Labor & Birth Testimonials

“Jennifer attended my planned C-section birth. She provided support to us during the procedure, kept my husband company while I was in pre-op, and took some amazing photos. She continues to check in on us 12 weeks later and has been a great resource for information on breast feeding. She even linked me with another client as a milk donor.” — Jeni & Kris

“Jennifer helped me to stay home until I was 7cm dilated. She was able to teach my husband what to do so he didn’t feel left out. I wouldn’t have stuck to my birth plan for as long without her support. I ended up having a c-section because my baby was almost 10lbs. My grandmother tells everyone they should hire a doula – Jennifer was the best money we ever spent! — Jessica & Ryan

“With Jennifer’s help I was able to have the medication-free, natural birth that I had hoped to have. She was a tremendous support, addressing the fears that I had, including those relating to my first child’s complicated birth experience. Jennifer’s intuition was spot on; she anticipated what I needed before I knew it — whether it was a different position, a massage, a bath, or a gentle reminder to relax my body. Her suggestions to both myself and my husband were very helpful guides. I look forward to having her with me again in the future.” — Laura & Cliff

“Jennifer was encouraging and positive, she really made me feel good about labor. She offered suggestions when she saw need, helping me rest, relax and conserve my energy. Leading up to the birth and days after, Jennifer checked in with us, sharing great information and resources. We were so pleased with our home birth experience!” — Sarah & Kevin

“Jennifer had a knack for knowing just how to comfort Susan during labor, whether a cool washcloth or a well-placed hand. She stayed with us through the night for 18 hours. Susan believes that, without a doula, she would have had to give up her plan to deliver our son without an epidural. With Jennifer’s comfort and emotional support, Susan was able to stick with her birth plan and deliver naturally. Thank you, Jennifer!” — Fred & Susan

“I felt it was important to have someone involved whose only objective was to support us and provide me with guidance. Jennifer had an abundance of knowledge and resources. What set her aside was her professionalism. It was great to have Jennifer as our advocate and guide us through the long labor process.” — Matt & Beth


Postpartum Testimonials

“Caroline was very cheerful, caring, and knowledgeable. She was a willing helper at all times. She was awesome!” —M.B.

“I tapped into Caroline’s vast knowledge and experience to understand how I should be going about my day and ways to make bath time, nursing, naps/bedtime, and playtime more enjoyable and less stressful for both my baby and me. Her calm, warm, and patient demeanor was perfect for me. Caroline always provided me with a number of options and things to try, because she knows what works for one baby may not work so well for another, especially the very sensitive ones among us! Without the knowledge and guidance Caroline passed on, life would not have gotten this much easier. Her help made me feel more confident as a first-time mother, and for that I will always be grateful.” — J.H.

“Caroline has a calm presence and is personable, professional, and experienced. She was very helpful with sleep issues, especially naps. She cared for our toddler, assisted with home care projects, and was willing to support us however we needed. “ — S.J. & A.M.

“Caroline created an environment of gentle care for our newborn. Her postpartum expertise allowed me to relax and tend to matters that warranted my attention, all while trusting that my new child was resting in capable hands. Not only did Caroline care for our baby by reading to him and soothing him, she also helped with the laundry, which any new mom will tell you is a huge luxury! Every time Caroline helps in our household, I learn something new. From best car seat practices to how to hold the bottle just right, Caroline is a natural-born nurturer and a mother’s (or father’s) best friend.” — N.F.


“Caroline was an exceptional doula in every way! She was a huge support from when I was recovering from labor to today in teaching us about caring for our two month old twins. Every piece of her knowledge was appreciated.  We have been so lucky and appreciate her greatly!” — A.R. & R.R.

“Caroline’s professional assistance made a huge difference in the first three weeks after my daughter was born. Our life became difficult with a few unexpected challenges around my delivery. With Caroline’s help I was able to overcome my postpartum health issues while learning how to care for my baby (nursing, bathing, napping, …) in a way that is enjoyable for both of us. Caroline has calm and non-judgmental manner. She recognizes challenges and provides a variety of solutions and information so you make the best decision for yourself. She is willing and more than capable to help with a wide range of postpartum items from emotional and physical health to nursing and caring for baby, financial future planning for baby, dealing with insurance, and arranging laundry and kitchen. We were so lucky and truly appreciate her help. ” — Y.H.

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